The book that inspired the Penang House of Music.

Just for the Love of It celebrates the musicians and bands who are such a part of Penang's rich musical heritage and highlights how this music has been so integrally woven into the wider tapestry of Penang's growth.

A beautifully designed book, extensively illustrated with photographs and advertisements and other graphics 'of the time', full of fun and celebration. The pages of Just for the Love of It weave together the strands of Penang's popular music by locating the wonderful stories of the musicians and the bands within the context of Penang's overall history.

The book highlights the diversity of communities that makes up Penang's demographics and the different traditions they imported.

Vibrantly illustrated, beautifully designated with a free CD, Just for the Love of It presents this fascinating story of Penang in a creative, lively, and utterly engaging style.

Hard Cover - RM 132
Soft Cover - RM 68


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